Gifts of from the Honey Bee

There is nothing else on earth quite like honey bee. Our honey bee friends are the only creatures that create and store honey. All other pollinators enjoy the nectors of plants, but don’t transform it it and store it as food for later. The act of pollination is a side-effect of pollinators foraging for sweet food.

There are so many gifts that honey bees provide in addition to glorious honey. There is nutrient rich pollen, protective propolis, remarkable beeswax and stimulating royal jelly.

Honey - The divine liquid gold that is honey inspires me daily. We use it as our families main sweetener and it is the only sweetener in our luscious Honey Caramels. I also like to use it in skin care for face masks and sugar scrubs. Honey is the only local sweetener we have available that requires no processing. Colorado produces sugar beets as well which is then processed into white sugar. 

Pollen - I like to take pollen by the spoonful mixed with chia and hemp seeds as a morning boost. Some people swear by taking local pollen as a way to prevent allergies.

Propolis - I love propolis in salves, skin care and taken as an extract to support the immune system and for sore throats.

Beeswax - Such a special compound to use in skin care products and to make candles. The smell is simple and divine. I find beeswax and tallow candles to be a wonderful way to use what we have locally to make artisan candles.

Royal jelly - This is a favorite of mine to use as a nutrient dense ‘superfood’. Taken by the spoonful mixed with honey (it has a strong taste) to supply a boost of energy and phytonutrients.

The gifts from the honey bee are plenty. When you use one of these gifts, please take a moment to think upon all of the miles, number of bees and work of the beekeeper to bring you these potent allies and use them with gratitude and wonder. 



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